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AFT Annika Fehling Trio består av av Annika Fehling, sång och gitarr, Christer Jonasson Tolv, gitarrer och lapsteel och Robert Wahlström, slagverk, piano och sounds. Alla tre är välrenommerade och etablerade musiker och kompositörer, med CD-utgivningar, turnéer, och konserter i Norden, Europa, USA och Indien. Gruppen bor och verkar också på Gotland i Sverige. AFT har släppt två album:  ”In The Universe” på Rootsy/Warner (2018) och ”Still” – egen utgivning digitalt 2021. Stark scennärvaro, en rik musikalisk upplevelse med mycket rytm till Annikas kosmiska texter och musik. Ljus och innerlighet flödar från musiken och gör konserterna magiska och oförglömliga.


AFT  is a trio containing of some of Gotlands finest musicians and songwriters. The album ”AFT In The Universe” was released on Rootsy/Warner 2018, with fantastic reviews so far. The latest album ”Still” was released on digital platforms 2021. The response of the tours of AFT in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Greenland, Germany and the USA has been overwhelming. Strong stage presence, a rich musical experience with lots of groove to the deep and moving lyrics of Annikas songs, and light and love flowing from the music makes the concerts magical and unforgettable.

Spotify: AFT In the Universe

Annika Fehling – vocals, guitar, harmonica Annika Fehling is a touring Swedish singer/songwriter, composer, artist, event producer, guest teacher and consultant, living on the magical island of Gotland in Sweden.  Currently touring with the Annika Fehling Trio(AFT) , as well as  as a solo artist, and with gotlandic  group GLIMRA, she has played in over 17 countries to date, released 13 CD albums, and produced over 250 shows, festivals and events working with over 500 artists from the whole world.

Christer Jonasson Tolv – guitars, lapsteel Guitarist with a distinct and rhythmic sound, singer/songwriter, has been part of the Swedish music scene since the 1970’s. He has played with and behind many of the well known artists in his homeland, on several LP and CD records and live concerts. Swedes have heard him on radio, seen him on television, in the theater and in movies. Christer plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo and mostly all instruments with strings.

Robert Wahlström  – cajun, percussion, piano Percussionist, producer and composer. Composing, among other things, music for film and theatre. Performing live electronica as well as folk music. Recently went to India, invited to collaborate with the Bauls of Bengal. His relation to music is to dive deeper into the listening and interpretation of rhythms in a free way. To improvise  and to create a straight channel from feelings, mind and body to the hands and voice. Performing drumming, on his framedrum from the northern forests, to bring the extatic feeling of life and nature to people.